Les Baer Thunder Ranch

Discussion in 'The 1911 Forum' started by ysacres, Mar 7, 2003.

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    Ok guys, anyone out there have anything to say about this model? I shot one the other day at the range and the thing is incredible. It may not look like a "Kimber" or "pretty" but damn I think I would trust my life with it. I am considering buying one and after breaking it in carrying it for CC. Its big yeah but GOV'T size 1911's have always been on my hip. I have never had any experience with this company so all thoughts, comments, etc... are appreciated! I almost thought of buying a Wilson CQB but the Les is a bit cheaper. Not by much. Seeing this is A LOT of money, I want to make the right choice here. This will be my primary carry gun so.... shoot away! Thanks!

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    Ol1911, before you buy, check with our resident Gun Dealers.
    I'm sure you can get what you want at a reasonable price

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    Ol1911, You can't go wrong with the Thunder Ranch pistol. Well built and reliable.

    Hotload owned one of the Thunder Ranch 1911's a short while back and seemed to like it.

    BTW, welcome to the forum.

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    Although it may be a nice pistol, it is way overpriced for what you get, two options are stenciled "Les Baer" & "Thunder Ranch" These are just basic pistols tuned only for reliability and no frills.....per Clint (?) To many others for the same money or less and will shoot as well or better. LTS

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    Re: Les Baer Thunder Ranch
    I have always heard good things about the Baers, but I do really well with the Wilsons. The CQB is an awesome pistol.
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    Ol1911, Welcome to TFF,I owned a Thunder Ranch for a while and dont let anyone fool you it shot and felt great, but they are pricey. If that is what feels good to you and fits you, and is in youre price range then I say go for it. But, you could build, or have a 1911 built just like you want for probably alot less. Shooter45 has a kimber that feels great to me and just with a few aftermarket parts could probably be made to shoot with a Thunder Ranch, if it doesnt already. I think personal preference has alot to do with it, so no matter what you hear from us buy what you want, and what you would feel confident carrying.

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    Hey thanks guys, I'm going to do some more research. The dealer here is selling a TRS for $1650. This is $60 more than the store over the state border. Go fig right? I never see these used (got to tell you something there) so... I'm gonna just take a hard look at it again.

    The gun really appeals to me, I'm going nuts thinking about it! My GF says, "What the hell do you see in that gun that you don't see in me?" Its a hard feeling to describe, I know y'all have had that feeling about buying guns, hahahaha. man....

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    Reply I bought It!
    All I gots to say is this is the TIGHTEST 1911 I have ever owned. Also this is the most expensive gun I have ever owned. I can not wait to start the break in period. I am dying to carry this but its gonna take at least two months before I trust it. Maybe not.... any suggestions?

    Also the TRS seems like its gonna be hard to field strip. I got to clean it tommorow night. Then to the range for saturday!

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    (9/10/02 3:55:20 pm)
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    went to the range and blasted 200rds. Not a single faliure. It felt extreamly well in my hands. I am very impressed with this model. Well i should be seeing how much money it costed me! The slide is a little bit looser but not much. I'm going this weekend to blast another 200rds and I think by then this will be half way broken in. I think at least 600rds this thing will feel like butter. I'll probably start carrying this and putting away my G21 next month.

    For such a tight slide, I thought it would jam and the such. NOTHING. Kimbers always jam when brand new this thing kept on going....

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    (9/16/02 4:00:44 pm)
    Reply update 2
    For anyone that is curious here is another range report:

    Went back to the range and blasted off another 300rds. I feel its broken in by now (total of 500rds) but I plan on going back this weekend to do another 200+. The slide is STILL ultra tight after 500. But its a "little" bit easier to work the slide back and forth, not much. This is incredible. This fitting is insane. I did not have a single malfunction. I put 100 rounds of Federal HydraShok through it. No jams or malfunctions. I started using the #47D 8 rd Wilson mag and again, no probs.

    Anyone considering spending the cash for a TRS you will not be sorry. You get what you pay for. I have since begun carrying my TRS (in a DeSantis VIPER/kydex style) on my hip for CCW. Yeah its big but hey, I trust my life to it and nothing beats a Gov't size.

    Overall my Kimber has been put away and I'm going to sell it next week. The Kimber has been nothing but problems. Jams galore and I put 400 rds through it already. I don't know about them, I use to think they were good but...

    Anyway I will post a update 3 (final) and let you know how things work out.