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Lessons Learned At The Hunt Camp
LTS, You started this!

I learned how not to load a tractor last fall! As I was driving tractor with grain drill on to triple axle flatbed, my 1 ton, the trailer and the tractor with me on it took off down the hill.

Yes, I said down the hill. Parked on a hill, truck downhill first, with no wheelblocks. The front of the trailer lifted the rear of the truck off the ground which did away with any braking for the whole outfit. There is another truck & trailer full of attachments in the road downhill.

I hit the brakes on the tractor, I guess I thought I was going to stop the whole thing, but I forgot to push in the clutch. The right tractor brake was stronger than the left, so the tractor turns to the right. As I was going down the hill the tractor frontend is off the trailer, perpendicular to the trailer. Said to myself, "Self it is time to get the hell out of here! You do not want to be on this thing when it hits the ground!" I jump and damn near break my ankle. Could hardly walk for a week.

Well the truck finally jackknifes and skids into a tree. But, at the same time it slides into the trailer in front of it. The tractor comes off the trailer and wedges itself between the trailer and a tree, with the grain drill still on the trailer. It was just sitting there with its wheels digging a hole in the ground.

The truck, trailer and tractor are now wedged between two large trees. It took three hours to remove the trees without falling them on truck or tractor. Also had to get a buddy out there with his wrecker to pull on my truck to prevent it from going in a creek when the tree in front of it was cut.

Well, had a hella of a mess & I learned a valuable lesson on how not to load heavy equipment. Still not sure I know how to load it anymore!! Only cost me 2500.00 to fix my truck. The tractor had zero damage.

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(6/14/01 2:57:11 pm)
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....have ya ever speared a six foot wave, I did on Sam Rayburn in a big winter tournament. Feb 94, lake faces NW and is 56 miles long over 140,000 acres at pool. We got caught on the north end, in a blow(58mph winds and gust to 65) broad and open water....raining like hell. We had to make 36 miles to get to the weigh in, about half way back....on a bleeding kidney ride...I told my partner to look ahead for one of those, odd ball rollers.....well sure nuff, he started yelling and sure as hell I saw it, a dark muddy line up ahead, to shut down meant taking one over the transom, to go foward...we had a chance. Running about 40mph, I tucked the motor down to pick the nose up and gave`er full throttle, the world ended when we topped that, only to find there was a trough about 20 feet wide and six feet deep on the other swallowed all 19 feet of the boat and we took the second unseen six foot roller over the bow, it removed the trolling motor, 2 graphs, 2 depth finders, windshield, both pedestal seats and the engine cover along with us. That was the day we learned what, "total saturation" meant. That was tournament fishing at it`s best??? We made it back in time for weigh in and pocketed some good dollars.....course we had to fix my boat......but HEA! we went back the next month for another one and scoffed at the 35mph winds and waves....they were only four footers..................

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(6/14/01 3:20:34 pm)
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Never pee on the campfire.

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LTS, Never had that bad before. 4' maybe the largest storm wave down here on Lake Eufaula, Al. Worst was a manmade wave coming off the sides of a 60' cruiser on the intercoastal waterway in Virginia. I came off one wave of the wake and went thru about a 6' wave on the other side. Very little damage. Only running about 30 mph.

You live and learn, and hope you live thru the lessons in life!!

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(6/14/01 4:17:59 pm)
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How`s about an eatin story?

*****The Swamp Rabbit*****

While I was in the woods one morning squirrel hunting, a large swamper popped up on the logging trail about 30 yards out. I drew a bead with my tRusty tRicked out 10/22 and pop! Rabbit added to the fryers already in the sack.

Back at the camp I dress out the squirrels and the rabbit. The cook(as you have read about in the other thread) known to us as "theoleman" says, "gimmie that rabbit and I`ll gut it up for, I did.

He mosied....mosie....mosie over to the cleaning station and begins a sharpening his knife, he is a firm believer in a keen edge.....he goes to work and carves with speed.

Later that evening, while everythings cooking, he begins the rabbit, pressures it for awhile, batters it up, chunks it in the grease(siz`el siz`el) mouths begin to water as the fry`s and squirrels come out and go into the oven to keep hot. He begins the all comes together at perfect timing.

Six of us fix our plates and everyone gets a small piece of rabbit to go with the rest and some gravy. We all pick the rabbit up for a bite. I bit into it and my jaw in a fevered rebound..........went half way to my elbow removing skin all the eatin corn on the cob. Everybody started laughing and they to tried to bite this "superball" game, each with the same result. We all turned to the oleman and he pursed his lips for a moment....then said,

**** "WELL IT CUT TENDER!!!!!""

The next morning we put it out for the dogs up the road.....they will eat anything, including rocks......they passed too, after a brief smell and went back home. The oleman, he`s a cadd. LTS
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