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Let's get this section going!

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(5/1/01 8:11:59 am)
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Hi guys!
Thinking of buying one of the Leupold Mark4 Scopes for my Rem700 VS in .308.
Does anyone have any experiense with the Mark4 BDC scopes, both the M1 and the M3?
Don't know if I should go with the standard M1 or the BDC in .308, how accurate is the BDC?
Should I go with MilDot reticle or Standard crosshair?
Illuminated or not?
Help me out here guys!


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(5/3/01 8:43:54 am)
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Good to see you back SR. Can`t speak to your choice of scope makers, but; Crosshairs vs Mil-Dot...this will depend on what type of shooting you will be doing. What`cha shooting?
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