Let's see what 10 years of UN influence and instruction has brought South Africa

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    Jan 11, 2010
    Whites not truly welcome

    Cape Town - White people are alienated from the public service due to
    the government's policy of absolute representation on the basis of race,
    said the trade union Solidarity. ( Solidarity is the marxist group behind occupy originally and who are supporting the push for sharia law for islamists)

    This hampers the appointment and promotion possibilities for whites in the public service.

    Union's comments follows Nkosinathi Nhleko, the director general of the
    Department of Labour, call on young white people to pursue a career in
    the public service.

    According to Dirk Groenewald, Head of
    Solidarity's Department of Labour Court Law, this invitation shows that
    the government's stance on affirmative action differs from day to day.

    "The trade union's more than 25 affirmative action cases against
    institutions such as the South African Police Service and the Department
    of Corrective Services show that the government's invitation to white
    youth to work in the Public Service contradicts what happens at state
    and semi-state institutions in practice," he said.

    The government's previous statements on affirmative action have already
    alienated white people and offer a strong contrast with Nhleko's
    statements, said Groenewald. "The state has lost its credibility as an
    employer where a white person can build a career," he said.

    Groenewaldsaid that if the government wants to draw young white people to the Public Service, they will have to do more than merely extend an
    invitation. "The government should rather start revising its irrational
    affirmative action goals as well as its application."

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    Oct 3, 2011
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    We've seen Reverse Discrimination cases won here. A few. Same thing?

  3. jack404

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    Jan 11, 2010
    when the UN is driving it , you'll see that wont happen ..
  4. skullfr

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    Jul 11, 2012
    The whole of Africa is full of idiots that cant run thier own countries.There has always been war there and it will continue on just as with the Middle East.The U.S. and it allies just need to leave and let em sort it out by themselves.Forget bailing em out let em fix thier own problems .We have enough of our own problems.Remember that country we bailed out twice and ended up with our own little nasty conflict.A place called Viet Nam.Look at Afghanistan and Iraq.Remember when they were our allies and we supported them.We need our ground troops on our own border.Want to shoot someone let fire up some drug runners and criminal elements on our borders.The 10th mountain div. need to be in Cali. rooting out the cartel grow operations.I remember when I use to hunt in west Tex.I saw more illegals than deer and thats a lot.WE use ti load up and go to boys town across the border to party.Not no chance of going now.Sorry bout the soap box but I tend to get riled.I lost a childhood friend in Rodesia.He was a green Beret with 2 tours in Nam and went and worked for the company in Laos.He then went to rhodesia to work and I was gonna go with him but he was killed by insurgents.I truly miss him,he was like a big brother to me.Alot of these conflicts are totally senseless.We lost men in Somolia on a humanitarium mission.I feel Iraq and afghanistan are are a waste of young lives.We need to let em fight it out.If you want to do business there you are on your own.Hire a private army.If we feel it is a need to fight there send in the bombers and level everything.Gen.Sherman was right in his use of total war.Make it so horrible that they quit.War isnt sterile or pretty.If it is serious enough go all out or stay home.Our tactics just produce more jihadist.I would feel the same if occupiers killed my family.
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