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Discussion in 'General Military Arms & History Forum' started by WyomingSwede, Mar 27, 2003.

  1. WyomingSwede

    WyomingSwede Guest

    Current conventional wisdom has us fighting a politically correct war at the moment.

    How many favor a blitzkrieg type...roll them over with superior firepower type advance?


    A let the air force carpet bomb them back to the stone age and then we go mop up the pieces?

    Being an ex USAF guy... I favor the latter.

    Any opinions???

  2. Hope 69/70

    Hope 69/70 Active Member

    Jan 31, 2001
    Also like your latter idea WS. However, instead of going back to mop up the pieces, just flat bury them .


  3. Xracer

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    Feb 23, 2001
    Well, both ways have their advantages and disadvantages.

    The "Blitzkrieg" method works well in a "war of liberation" where you have the backing of the civilian populace. If you don't, your flanks are exposed to hit-and-run raids from the bypassed cities and towns.

    It looks as if we severely misjudged the mood of the Iraqui populace who was supposed to be lining the roads throwing roses at our troops.

    The "Bomb 'em back to the stone age and hit 'em with overwhelming force" method is surely effective, but results in a high number of civilian casualties...and can have severe political consequences down the road.

    My opinion....to hit them with precision bombing attacks (as we're doing now), but go in with an overwhelming number of troops over a broad front (as we did in Gulf War 1).

    Looks like the Pentagon believed it's own propaganda about how our troops were going to be received (mass Iraqui troop surrenders and civilian uprisings against Saddam), and failed to provide enough troops in case it didn't turn out that way.

    We've got lots of wonderful whiz-bang technological gizmos, but wars are won by "Grunts On The Ground".
  4. WyomingSwede

    WyomingSwede Guest

    Agree that wars are won with "grunts on the ground". But we gotta loosen up the rules of engagement.

    No use putting our boys in jeopardy because the Iraqi's are in a populated area...too much PC...smacks of Vietnam.

    If they can pull a tank into a mall parking lot...then lets park a Maverick on top of it. Big splat...no more bad guys. probably some civilian casualties yes...but how many gotta get wasted before the civilians figure out that tanks are not the smartest things to be hanging around.

  5. berto64

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    Jan 31, 2001
    Owyhee County, Idaho
    I totally agree, Mr. Swede.

    This PC crap is killing our troops unneccesarily, and is prolonging the inevitable.

    In my opinion, it's time for the"Full tilt Boogy".