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    I have always had a 22 around the house since I was a kid but always seemed to shoot bigger guns. Now that I am older I have come to the realism that shooting 22's are down right FUN! Plus the kids can shoot the guns with me. My girlfriend like's the plinking as well and they are very cheep to shoot.It cant be beat. SOOO lets talk ammo. Are some brands better then others and some to stay away from all together. Whats best in hand gun/rifle. Does the lead nose stuff fowl the barrel and should I only use copper jacket rounds. I have used CCI Stingers in my 10/22 and ruger single six but now I have a new bolt action and want to know about accurate rounds.
    Try to keep it to the cheaper rounds not that 6.99 a box of 50 stuff.
    1 Rifle rounds
    2 Hand gun rounds
    3 Accurate
    4 HP or Round nose
    5 Cheap
    Thanks for any advise and good shooting

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    Re: Lets talk ammo
    I like Winchester Super-X, very accurate!
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    Very hard question to answer. Since they can`t be reloaded, they become the deciding factor.......no matter how good of a rifle you have. I have two identical rifles, bolt guns; one shoots CCI`s very well......the other one places them randomly, much like a shot gun pattern. I would buy a boatload of different styles and manufacture`s, then go to the range armed with cleaning equipment and start the testing. As Tac stated above, Winchester Super X is a good rimfire and I only use them in my early made .22`s.....because they like them, my other`s will not shoot them worth a flip.

    You have several different bullet styles:

    Round Nose
    Hollow Point

    Once I have found a style and maker that works, depending on the rifle and how much use it will receive. I purchase anywhere from 5,000-10,000 rounds for it and store them, then just by that same round as needed.......that way just incase they are discontinued or I can`t find them locally, I have a stash to fall back on. They are so cheap, there`s no reason not to. Regards LTS
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    Hi Guys,
    As someone else says different rounds work with varying degrees of success in different firearms.
    Some rifles have a match chamber and some of the minimag types of ammo damage the top end of the chamber. Take care.
    One round that i have found to be very accurate in most of my rifles is the Winchester Power point. The box is marked X22LRPP. The solid point types marked X22LR are also extremely good.
    This all presumes that you don't want to break the bank in buying Lapua or Eley stuff.
    Many manufacturers have problems with quality control and this is evident in the final rounds that vary tremendously in weight. Pulling rounds apart that are in extreme weight difference deveals that not only is the powder charge different but the bullet heads vary in weight as well. No wonder they lack accuracy. Some serious target shooters pre weigh their individual rounds and select those rounds that weigh the same. Many of the "out of spec weight" rounds account for the fliers we shoot.
    With Remington Target rounds I found thatonly 18 round in a box of 50 weighed the same. The rest varied all over the map. This stuff was far from Target quality. It would be interesting to take different Manufacturers ammo and classify by weight individual rounds in a box of 50. It would take a little work but would be revealing and would clarify whose ammo we should avoid.
    There must be some sort of problem with the manufacturing machinery in that it has become worn with time or it just need a good service. Initially the new Winchester ammo was being made in Australia. but where it is made now I don't know.
    The wax lubrication on the bullet is a special formulated stuff and is often a proprietary secret of the manufacturing company. I have seen top target shooters clean the wax off of their rounds and replace it with their own concoction. One I know of uses a mixture of Lanolin lube and Hoppes #9. The shooter had a small sponge Pad of the stuff and would rub each round in the gunk for every shot. The shooters scores were very impressive .
    Another problem that can occur is that the lead bullet can leave a deposit of lead in the leade or just at the end of the chamber . This small deposit causes a loss in accuracy. For this reason I clean out the barrel after every 50 rounds when I'm target shooting.(if I want top accuracy). The clean out is merely a pull through and a nylon bristle brush with #9 in the chamber area and then a dry out. Before shooting again I have to fire about 5 rounds to 'relube the barrel" for that particular round. Incidentally, changing ammo without a cleanout will not reveal anything as different manufacturers use different lube.
    Once a year in the Spring before I start shooting I clean the barrel well and then polish the bore with a product called FLITZ" which can be obtained from hardware stores. Flitz will not wear away your bore but it sure gets rid of a lot of microscopic lead ,copper and powder fouling . The results are evident in that it takes fewer rounds to be fired before the barrel is lubed and accuracy reaches it's peak.
    I hope some of this will be of benefit. At the very least it will provide food for thought.


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    Hey-Hey!! FLITZ.....I have been using this on rimfires for over ten years, keep it quite!!


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    Hi Like to Shoot,
    Well, it's good to know that there are some other riflemen out there.
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    Jan 28, 2002
    I've always used JB bore paste and kriol!
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    Mar 31, 2003
    I agree .22's are fun guns to shoot and ammo is inexpensive. CCI Blazers do it for me. Sub MOA accuracy at 50 yds with my 10/22T. Beats everything else that I've tried in the gun so far. Cheap too !!
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    Jul 4, 2005
    For bulk stuff it would be cci blazzers or winchester dynapoints.For the real thing it would be Federal game shoks hollow points, Winchester power points, CCI velocitors or minii mags,but the best if your gun likes them is the ely high velocity hollow points,Im a hunter so thats all I look at.
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    Jul 4, 2005
    My Browning BL-22 with eley high velocity hollow points at 60 yards. [​IMG] discount the two upper holes they were a test at 125 yards,the main group was .338.Buy a box and see what they will do for you.
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