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Bob In St Louis
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(6/21/01 8:04:05 pm)
Reply | Edit | Del All Letter to Century International Arms
Century International Arms, Inc.
1161 Holland Drive, Dept. CA0501
Boca Raton, FL. 33487
FAX: 561-998-1993

RE: Recent order of bayonets

Dear Sirs:

I recently placed an order for 20 Turkish bayonets (BY710, Condition Fair) and 20 Czech VZ24 bayonets (BY693G, Condition Good). The Turkish bayonets were all right, and rated a fair to good condition. I was quite happy with the Turkish bayonets. However, the Czech VZ24 bayonets were a pile of crap! Out of the 20 bayonets, 14 of them were missing parts, had broken grips, were bent, etc. - I wouldn't even rate them as poor condition! Why are you selling these as "Good" condition, when they are quite obviously "Poor"? I would be more upset if I would have paid more for them.

I just want to bring this to your attention - you need to be more accurate in your advertising. I have done business with Century off and on since the mid-1980s. I went for a long time not ordering anything from you after encountering such a misrepresentation in your advertising before. It looks like you are going back on my "Bad Business" list again, and believe me, I will be putting out the word on the internet on a lot of firearms related webs as to your poor advertising practices.



Think it got their attention? These pricks make their money by importing stuff and selling the best to other distributors. They then sit back and their "direct" sales to individuals and C&Rs are the seconds, culls and trash. Good condition my ass. I believe they really enjoy screwing the little guy.
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(6/21/01 8:42:06 pm)
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....psssst...psssst, hey mister....wanta buy some good bayonets....step over here.....sssssh...come`ear...... Well Bob, add them to Inter-Ordance, they`re flakes too. LTS
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