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    Mar 25, 2001
    Despite being disappointed with the election, at least last week I got to enjoy my son and his wife, but MAINLY my two grandkids after they got home on his "terminal" leave from the Army.

    Like he always has done, he has quickly found a new job both, as well as a billet with the Indiana National Guard where they needed an NCO in a slot they had no training budget for, but his college degree qualified, so he gets to keep his Tanker MOS but will pick up another without having to go back for more AIT....

    But it meant he had to move again, and I helped move him to Terre Haute the day after the election, when I was in a foul mood.

    But before we finished loading the truck, he said he would leave his shotguns at home since they were moving into a short term lease apartment until they could by a house.....and said he read the regulations and since he still is on active duty until December, and has his leave papers, he doesn't need a license, so he wouldn't mind going deer hunting with me this year, after he put a few slugs down his Sweet 16 to see where it shoots.:eek:

    He hasn't hunted with me since he got his first and only buck when he was 13, on the same land I hunt now.

    Opening day Deer Gun season is next Saturday.

    And I DO have two stands up, not too far fact pretty much right where he got his buck

    Well since then, I have been calling my farmer, I do NOT set foot on his land until I touch base with him each year. I have been hunting that land since 1994, with permission from the first owner, who was nice enough to give me a heads up and a reference to the new owner when he sold it, and the "new" owner in 1998 said while he doesn't usually let anyone hunt, he would let me continue to hunt on it, but only me and one other family friend.

    A couple of years ago (after we found out we belong to the same church!) he told me how much he appreciated me calling every year before I went back out, and that I could leave my stands up if I wanted. A few years ago when we had the cold summer and the corn wasn't ready before deer season, he even took the combine out and tool out the endrows and took two swathes out directly in front of my stand to give me a field of fire!

    But I could not get through, his phone number was disconnected! Turns out he did like we did, cancelled the home number and only uses his cell, which I have saved NOW!;)

    Today, I drove to his house, he was not home, and I left a note in his door, asking permission againl, and asking if my son could go with me.

    He just called back, told me I am welcome as always, the ONLY ones he wants back there hunting are me and my son, and his other family friend I know (now!) and if we see anybody else out there to make sure we "bounce them out!"

    And be sure to call him if we have one down we can't get out and he will come with his 4 wheeler to help! And that yesterday he got all his beans down back there, (I see MANY more deer hunting over cut beans than cut corn for some reason!) and saw a NICE 10 point and another nice one that looks like half his rack was broke off along with a bunch of doe. I told him my wife told me I can't get another big buck like my record 8 pt two years ago because the little ones taste better and cost less if you don't have to hang them on the wall, so I would "cull" the herd of the broken one and leave the trophy for his friend this year. He laughed, and also said to thank my son for his service.

    While I don't get him something, EVERY year, I usually get him and his wife a gift card every other year for Christmas. The year I got my big 8 pt I got him a bottle of Makers and his wife a BIG box of candy.

    I'll have to get them something again this year.

    I know guys that would pay thousands for hunting rights to deer land as good as this....

    You know, life is good, even when we get thrown a curve some times....
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    Nov 28, 2010
    Great story. Life is good my friend........

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    Apr 10, 2011
    That's great! I hope you and your son have a great season together!
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    Mar 25, 2001
    My wife cleaned the freezer today, we are almost out of venison, since I only got one small buck last year and no doe...

    I am usually set with a buck and a doe for just the two of us now, since the kids are gone...

    But this year the goal is MEAT for the freezer, and considering my son is going to buy his first home and says his FIRST purchase is going to be a chest freezer, I guess we are shooting for two families...

    With the drought and feed prices, and the amount of stock that were butchered this year, meat prices will get pretty STEEP next year even NOT considering the Obama economy which with inflation will only mean MUCH higher meat prices....

    I have tags for one buck and two antlerless, and Indiana gives us another i week antlerless gun season after Christmas this year...

    Plus my son will hunt on his military leave for free, which grants him a buck and a doe until his separation date of December I think we should account for maybe 4 this year....

    Every year for the past 40 years I have agonized over shooting a doe on Opening day....and maybe missing my chance for a nice buck...

    NO longer, I have a "Hoosier Record Buck" 8 pt on the wall with the certificate from 2010, THAT venison tasted really good, but NOT worth the extra $540 it cost for the mount...(BUT I can still point to it when guys laugh at me when I say I am REALLY a "Meat Hunter....")

    Oh yeah, BTW, PLEASE share with me your recipe for "Horn Soup" if you ever come up with one....;):D

    As my wife said last year, "Shoot a SMALLER buck this year, they taste better AND cost less...."LOL

    This year I would be in heaven for a 140 lb "cull the herd" forkhorn and another 200+ lb 4 or 5 year old doe and a 80 lb yearling end up in the freezer.

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