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Lightweight Officer's ACP

Discussion in 'The Ask the Pros & What's It Worth? Forum' started by Larcus, Apr 6, 2009.

  1. Larcus

    Larcus New Member

    Mar 24, 2009
    Thomson Ga
    My first post, Hello to everyone.
    I have a Colt LW Officer's model and I want a full size 1911 or 1991. I have owned this gun for 15 years and it was used when I got it, I don't even remember what I gave for it. I don't know if I will sell it or trade it but I need to put some kind of value on it for either.

    Thanks, Larcus

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  2. oscarmayer

    oscarmayer New Member

    Jun 24, 2008
    see them all day priced between 500 and 700 . please notice i didn't say selling for that money. as much as the market has gone wild and the fact colts are getting big bucks for some reason this one doesn't seem to be getting alot of attention. the lt-wt officers were known to batter the frames and unless one was willing to shoot mid-range loads and replace the recoil spring the battering tended to cause pre-mature cracks in the frame. now take note on the auction sights there are a couple listed. the "buy now" price on one is over 1000.oo and there are a couple more that have been listed for some time. you could check out the colt forum since most of them think unless it's colt it's crap and you might be able to get a higher price quoted . keep in mind since coming out with this model lt-wt or not, glock and a few other companies have come out with lighter guns in the same caliber. and the "other guns" such as the glock will hold up better than the colt( this model anyway) to continued firing. just a opinion. and another complaint often heard about the officer model, it didnt feed hollow points very well and tended to jam up. colt has since corrected this with their "agent" a officer size 45 the started producing last year.