Liked it so much...

Discussion in '.22-Rimfire Forum' started by Smokin Guns, Mar 8, 2003.

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    (8/17/02 1:03:57 pm)
    Reply | Edit Liked it so much...
    Went and got his brother...startin' to like the .22 caliber odd balls that are out there...If any of ya see a Auto Ordnance Thompson for sale or at auction somewhere let me know...Thanks in advance!

    Different name
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    (8/17/02 1:25:03 pm)
    Re: Liked it so much...
    NICE........ SG
    AK22 KIB ? Where did you secure the magazine (how many rounds?)
    Can you put a scope on the AK? (what type/source?)
    Charlie D

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    (8/17/02 2:24:36 pm)
    Reply | Edit Charlie...
    Yep, Picked it up this morning, armscor imported by KBI. Its a 30 rd magazine that I picked up at GB auction. Had to tinker with it a bit, but finally got it to feed correctly. I'll have to check out the scope ability, iron sights are "Dead Nuts On" at 60 yds right now(shooter could be a lot better).
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