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Lil Help Please

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I have a Bacon Arms Co. Bonanza .22 seven shot revolver that I need a cylinder advance/stop for. It is connected to the spur trigger. Does anyone out there have any idea where I can get one? Or does anyone know of a schematic or picture of one so that I can fabricate one. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Besides the common large internet parts places, Numrich Gun parts, I have a lot of people tell me to call Jack First in South Dakota. Nice group of people, They have a website, but you have to call them to see if they have parts in stock.
The Bacon Arms Co. went out of business in 1888; the "Bonanza" was of the general class of inexpensive revolvers known as "Suicide Specials". There is a mild collector interest in the class, but few bring as much as $100 and then only if in excellent condition. I doubt that Jack First, Numrich, or any other parts company has parts for the gun, but you can always try. Usually parts for those guns have to be made and the cost (if anyone is willing to take on the job) would be more than the gun is worth.

You might check with this place.

They say they have lots of stuff that is not listed.

Or they might know who would have it.

Good luck.

I've been trying to find a part for an Arminus .22 revolver for years. The gun was a gift from my daddy when I was a teenager long, long ago. The gun is not worth much, but has great sentimental value to me.
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