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I just finished smelting the 5 buckets of lino and some monotype.

I just sorted..and bulk/unit weighed, did some cost is the raw data:

I PAID for 422# of lino.

( the scrap yard guy always deflated the scale number when writing the ticket..i wasn't sure how much..but I know a few times he'd knock 10# off. I went about 5 times..and brought a couple buckets each time.)

Cost was $ 1.50 per pound.. Sales tax is .07/$
My incidentals were a propane refill...some flea market cornbread molds...5 plastic buckets and a tip to the guy running the scale.

At the beginning I hoped for close to 400# of clean ingots.

633$ alloy
44.31 tax
20 tip
20 propane
15.73 buckets
19 flea market molds

That's 752.04 of cost.

Here's the kicker.... I have 493 # of clean ingots!!!

That makes my total cost per pound as $ 1.53 for a mostly linotype and some monotype alloy.

That's fantastic.

I'll post a pic of the ingot examples and raw finished pile.

I have striped and kernel style cornbreads, mini muffin, short and long angle iron molds..and standard lee 1 and 1/2 molds to make these.

47 # 8 o muffin
50# 9o short angle
62# long angle
149# smooth corn
114#3o kernel corn
45 # lee 1
24#12o lee 1/2

I have it sorted in buckets..just swept the back porch.. I'm beat. Took me about 7 hours to smelt these.

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