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(2/9/02 6:27:08 pm)
Reply | Edit | Del All Little Commie (Russian) round
Our talk on the best military bolt action got way of the subject, but kdub01 brought up the Russian 5.45mm round which is used in there latest ak rifles (ak70?). I remember something I read years ago (may have been an army manual on opposition forces) that said the way that bullet was constructed it would break into two pieces when it entered the human body. Seems like that would be against the Geneva convention. If memory serves me right it seems like their 5.45mm was constructed in a different manor than our 5.56mm. It had a hollow space behind the tip, followed by a lead core. This hollow space was not the same as a hollow point, because it was behind the point.

On tales of the gun the guy who developed the original ak47 was not to found of the smaller round.

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(2/9/02 10:04:05 pm)
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You're right, 17th -

The bullet structure is made to upset (destabilize) upon entering a body and wreaking all sorts of havoc to tissue. As long as the bullet is full metal jacketed, it meets the Geneva Conventions on small arms ammo.

Did you know the US had a duplex loaded 7.62 (.30 round developed during the 'Nam crisis? Yup, had TWO bullets in the same case! The first had a severely angled base to accomodate the nose of the bottom bullet (powder capacity would be very restricted!). As you know, the worst thing you can do to affect the stability of a bullet is to mess around with the base of it. Guess if you're in a jungle firefight and things are happening at feet distance, rather than yards, accuracy isn't exactly paramount - fire supression is!

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(2/11/02 2:13:32 pm)
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I that what they are calling it now, Kdub, the "'Nam Crisis?"

Well, I guess that's better than the "'Nam Minor Disagreement..."

I was reading in Lapin's Nagant Book about how the Soviets issued M44 Carbines in Afghanistan to the Afghan Militia of it's "puppet" government....

...this while it was starting to issue the AK-74 to it's own troops there....

I wonder who was covering who, especially in the mountains, or on the Kabul Plain....

It the Mujahideen were shooting at me with Enfields from 500+ yds away, I think I'd rather shoot back with the 44...

Maybe that was another reason the Soviets LOST...they were probably OK getting pinned down and not being able to fire back when the Hind Gunships were on the way, but when they started facing Stingers, they were on their own...and they couldn't face a full power round fired by somebody that knew how to shoot a rifle at long matter HOW many rounds they shot back....

...just a theory, but it makes sense, doesn't it?
We must make war as we must; not as we would like. - Field Marshal Kitchener, 1915
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