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(10/14/01 3:13:18 pm)
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How much light would a nuke give off if we rammed it up Bin Laden's as*? You know what really ticks me off, its that sorry as* Bin Laden and his chicken Sh*t terrorist friends and those "Americans" who claim they are patriotic by terrorizing innocent American Afghans and Andians !!! Hey Bin Laden, come here I want to show you my .45, look down this hole... now smile !!! GOD BLESS AMERICA AND THOSE WHO SUPPORT US !! REMEMBER THOSE WHO HAVE FALLEN UNJUSTLY AND THOSE WHO HAVE FALLEN PROTECTING THE GOOD 'OL RED, WHITE, AND BLUE !!!

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(10/14/01 7:52:50 pm)
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Some people seem to forget that we're a nation of immigrants......and that only a short time ago their ancestors were "different" and "strange", and starting at the bottom to work their way up.

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(11/13/01 11:09:02 pm)
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The oldest WASP family STILL came over here on a boat...

But don't get me wrong, I STILL think that even if we welcome anybody from anywhere that wants to come here to better themselves, we STILL make them learn English...

Hell, with my anscestor's, even sometimes to the point of making sure they DIDN'T teach their kids my parents did. Second Generation had to speak both to interpret for their parents, but THEY made sure THEIR kids were full blooded AMERICANS. (with funny names... )
We must make war as we must; not as we would like. - Field Marshal Kitchener, 1915
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