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    Could somebody help me please, need loading data for 50AE, using 325gr jhp, need powder, max. and min. AOL. FPS.
    None of my books show this load or any for the 50AE.



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    The only data I have handy is from Accurate Arms #2
    Spr 325 u-c bullet,CCI350primer,Speer cases,max length 1.285",Trim length 1.275",OAL max 1.610",OALmin 1.560,SAAMI MaxAvgPressure 36,000 PSI.
    AA9 start 22.6grs-1157 FPS Maxload 23.8grs 1247FPS OAL 1.575"
    AA1680 Start 34.0grs-1157fps MAX-37.8-1305fps(compress)
    Max load for both powders listed @ 32,000PSI
    The data supplied to AA by Speer.
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    From Hodgdon book:
    case: speer primer: CCI 350
    325 gr uchp COL: 1.575"
    H4227 30.8 1294 fps
    H110 32.5 1431fps
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