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    As I sometimes do I visited the Cambridge American Military Cemetery this morning. Vets will understand, I said hi, I even mentioned TFF and promised to post a shot or two and show how well it's being kept. As usual, they said nothing, but then they dont have too.

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  2. Please tell them for us that they do our boys great honor with the care they so obviously take and respect they show, Tranter. I noticed when I was in Europe that the cemeteries of American war dead were always well cared for, no matter what country they were in--Britain, France, the Low Countries, you name it. Politics has nothing to do with it, I believe; it is done out of simple respect for the sacrifice those brave young men made.

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    I have noticed two nations who's war cemeteries in other countries that are always well kept, The British and the American ones.

    I have not visited many other nations war cemeteries, but suspect they are not as serious about it as we seem to be.
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    Oct 29, 2008
    This is just a magnificent setting. It looks very peaceful, just what the young lads deserve.

    My thanks to your country.
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    Nov 30, 2005
    Thank you, Tranter.
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    Your welcome, :) but it's me and my generation who dont have speak German who should be saying thank you.
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    What a wonderful thing to do to post those photos and say those humble things...There is an oft quoted proverb:
    What more honorable formality than to honor the fallen warriors of another nation...perhaps the nations fallen who were the enemy....Chief
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    I think what touches me are that these folk are far from home. We owe a great deal to the fallen of many nations. It was Britain after all that said no to the Nazi first, and stood her ground.

    What can we do? well for me its the names, I like to read them. They are heard again, spoken again, remembered. Take one off the wall picture, William C McNeill, say it now if you will. Somehow, somewhere William just looked up.
  9. OK, I just can't resist: That balding old coot in the bottom photo is the grounds keeper, right?????? ::::::hiding in bunker, stringing concertina wire around perimeter, closing lid:::::: :D;):p
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    Cant help you there Pistol, some homeless guy who wandered in I guess. :)

    Sure kept getting in the way...Nice sweater though, looks a bit like mine..
  11. Could be, either that or some retired RAF type who got his navigation sums wrong while headed for Dover. :D;):p
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    Jan 22, 2009
    Thanks for the pics Tranter. It's nice to see that our boys are so well taken care off.
  13. Charlie the sniper

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    Dec 14, 2008
    England, thats the USN aircraft carrier near europ
    We will always remember their sacrifice. "Sleeping Angels".
  14. rooter

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    I went to my dermitoligist yesterday on a followup appointment for some facial blemishes that are cancerous...The Doc treats them with that foot long Q-Tip he dips in the liquid nitrogen container...15 minutes after these treatments it feels as if you've had cigarette butts snubbed out on your skin. The Doctor's name is Evan Bauer and he's Canadian. He is often mistaken for one of the little people, being he's so short in stature. He's a member of the MENSA SOCIETY...something to do with being a genius. Anyway, while I was visiting with the Doc I mentioned these postings and the military cemetery and he knew it very well...he had rec'd some of his schooling in Cambridge ---we also spoke of Oxford as he had rec'd training and education there....The Doc has walls of his treatment rooms filled with diplomas and letters...Doc also did a residency at Parkland Memorial in Dallas...that's where President Kennedy died in 1963...I told Doc of having met JFK when he was running for the Presidency and he was very impressed. I told Doc I had learned a poem in school about Oxford...he was even more impressed the American School system taught things like that....he shook my hand when I reeled off what I remembered learning more than 60 years ago....Chief

    The Spires of Oxford

    By Winifred M. Letts

    I saw the spires of Oxford
    As I was passing by,
    The gray spires of Oxford
    Against the pearl-gray sky.
    My heart was with the Oxford men
    Who went abroad to die.

    The years go fast in Oxford,
    The golden years and gay,
    The hoary Colleges look down
    On careless boys at play.
    But when the bugles sounded war
    They put their games away.

    They left the peaceful river,
    The cricket-field, the quad,
    The shaven lawns of Oxford,
    To seek a bloody sod—
    They gave their merry youth away
    For country and for God.

    God rest you, happy gentlemen,
    Who laid your good lives down,
    Who took the khaki and the gun
    Instead of cap and gown.
    God bring you to a fairer place
    Than even Oxford town.
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    Thanks rooter, I had not read that before and found it very touching. Very much so.