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Local gun store find

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I left for work a little early today so I could stop by my local gun shop for a minute to swap some bullets. When I came in the door, the owner's wife said that she had been trying to call me but couldn't get hold of me. I asked why and she told me that they had gotten in a Browning 1911-22 a couple of days ago. :D

Several months ago, I told them that I really wanted a Browning 1911-22 and she remembered me saying that. She asked me if I wanted it and of course I said yes. I did not have enough money or my check book with me today since I was heading for work. I have cancelled all of my credit cards (just for this reason) so I could not get it today.

I am leaving for Florida about 8:00 in the morning and they don't open until 10:00. I will be getting home on Monday evening, so they are holding it for me until Tuesday when I will go by, pay for it, and pick it up.
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I've tried that "don't take any money when going to the gun shop":eek:. But it doesn't work:rolleyes:. There are just too many ways to get around that obstacle.:p

Congrats on the Browning.
Must have a CCW license to skip the Brady Wait, right? :)
Must have a CCW license to skip the Brady Wait, right? :)
Georgia doesn't have a waiting period.
Sounds like those people know you well GD. PA has no wait either. Sign the papers they make a call pay for the gun and away you go with it.
Same in Tn,fill out the paperwork,pay ten bucks for clearance,they send it all off over the computer to TBI normally within 15 min your on your way after paying for the pistol of course.
In Georgia it is called a Georgia Weapons License (GWL) and if you have one, you walk in, lay your money down, and go home with your new gun. Of course you have to do the federal paperwork but they don't have to call a soul to get approval, and it costs nothing extra.
Georgia doesn't have a waiting period.
The Brady Bill is federal law...of course, Georgia is famous for not paying attention to Federal Laws when they don't like 'em ;)
Have fun with the new weapon.
No wait here in Idaho either - pay for it, they make a call and you walk away with it. If you have a CCW or C&R FFL they don't even have to make the call.
I have that one. You will like it.
very nice! I've been eyeballing that gun for about a year now, really need a .22 1911 but not real crazy about conversion kits. That browning looks like the ticket. There's another brand similar that I can't remember but I think I'd be happiest with that gun there.

be sure to show of some 1911 porn to us when you pick it up! and of course a range report when ya get her up and running.
I have that one. You will like it.
I really liked yours, Dale, and Woodnut's grips are great. I'm thinking about one myself.
I don't know about this Brady Bill wait but in Ohio it is pay your money, fill out the Fed paper work, they make the phone call and then you are out the door. CCW or not is not an issue.
All right, I picked it up this afternoon. I have not shot it yet so no range report, but here are a couple of pictures. The first one is the pistol, looks like any other 1911 until compared with one. The second picture is a side by side comparison with my Taurus and the last one is the Browning laying on top of the Taurus.


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The Brady Bill is federal law...of course, Georgia is famous for not paying attention to Federal Laws when they don't like 'em ;)
The Brady bill ended November of 1998 and was replaced by the current NICS system.there is no longer a federal waiting period.

Nice gun, to small for my hands though.
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