Localvore...what does it really mean for us?

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    Being a localvore is a popular trend nowadays to try and save the planet.


    I had a photo of a localvore vs a world (diverse) eater to show you guys - but I can't find it. The localvore is about 1 to 1- 1/2 feet shorter than the world eater. In any case, lets look at this localvore thing in detail.

    We can see in this photo what being a localvore would mean to many of us.


    The localvore fruit salad is on the left, the 'world / diverse eater' is on the right. Although even this localvore fruit salad is only so-so local. The apple I dehydrated comes from Michigan which is 350 miles away and the raisins comes from CA which is 3000 miles away.

    But lets pretend I grew them local, as they are possible to grow apples and grapes here. (Although all of my grapes failed to thrive and were pulled out...but lets pretend) And if I was a better prepper and farmer I may have some canned peaches to add to the mix. And some canned or dried cherries, except the bird always pick 100% of the cherries before they even ripen.

    We can see that while being a localvore sounds good, we would have to cut way back in the diversity of what we eat. The world fruit salad comes from Italy, Honduras, California, Michigan, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Argentina, Florida and Chile. Now, I didn't go out of my way to find foreign fruits for it. This is just where all this stuff comes from between October until June.

    This should underscore how dependent we are on crude oil for the world we have created. Lets say I wanted to supplement my localvore fruit salad with corn grits every day. Corn grows pretty well in the Mid Atlantic area where I live. But without crude based fertilizers made from natural gas or animal based fertilizer the corn grows undersize and sparse.

    If you have every lived on a diet of corn grits, it is not that great. So, instead of corn grits, I could also make oatmeal from oats...imported from Canada.

    Let me tell you about the last 2 - 50 pound sacks of organic oats I bought from Canada. The oats were filthy with dirt and dust. They had rocks in them and mouse poop. But all that could have been fixed by sifting, washing and drying the oats before I would roll them. What could not be fixed was that the oats were rancid as hell. They all had to be trashed. Well, I guess I can always bake some bread...with wheat grown 2500 miles away in Montana and a grain grinder made in Korea.

    You can see once we cut crude out of the picture things change dramatically for us.

    It amazes me how the old timers and especially the Injuns survived these harsh winters. And I'm only in zone 6. What about the poor guys in the lower zones? Look at what I have to do to get my fruit trees to grow. The old timers did not have welded wire fencing and rabbit guards made from plastic.


    Without this armor plating the deer's would rip the tree in half and the squirrels and raccoons strip any fruit that would be on the tree even if there were no deer. And as an added bonus from nature...the rabbits would girdle the tree in the winter and kill it. and the voles? Well, you research that on your own.

    But to top all this off, many fruit trees are biennial's with their production...they only produce fruit every other year! I guess that is why the old timers were called 'people of next year' and the modern day people are called 'people of today.'

    We should have made the Injuns our gods and worshipped them for their survival skills instead of killing them off.

    Who would ever have thought finding real, honest food would be so tough nowadays. I have to drive 125 miles to buy raw milk and grass fed beef. If I don't get lost, I can make the round trip in just under 3 hours.

    As far as costs?

    Raw milk $9.60 a gal. Grass fed beef for stew cheapest cut $8 a pound. Tack on the $24 gas for the car.

    Now, I don't eat or drink much of it cause of the cost and distance. (mostly distance issue) But our food chain keeps decomposing like hell and it is getting harder to feed oneself these days if one is looking for basic untreated natural foods.

    No guys, I not a doomer. I am not a negative person. I am not against eating local. But when you look at the world we have created artificially through fossil fuels and where we are headed...it is not a pretty picture for us and especially our decedents.



    I'll leave you with a rundown on grass fed beef for those that may not know how our beef supply has changed these last few decades.

    The beef and poultry are force fed unnatural diets high on genetically modified corn. (proudly advertised as an 'all-vegetarian diet' on the packaging.) The all grain diet, coupled with growth hormones make the cattle outgrow grass fed cattle more than two to one.

    The animals are packed like sushi into confined animal feeding operations and wade though oceans of their own manure. This close quarter confinement and loss of roaming ability also makes the cattle put on weight much faster than grass fed cattle.

    The unnatural diet raises hell with their digestion and they have to be given loads of antibiotics to not die. Their digestive tracts culture drug resistant e.coli thanks to the antibiotics and it gets into / onto the meat when they are slaughtered.

    As a bonus, a lot the good omega 3 fatty acids have been taken out of grain fed cattle's meat as well as cows milk, cheese, yogurt, butter etc, since they are not fed their natural diet of grass.

    Pick up a half gal of organic milk that advertises omega 3. It most likely will be fortified with algae oil. What is left in grain fed meat is an imbalance of too much omega 6 fat that fuels our heart disease problems in the US and not enough omega 3.

    The grain fed meat has to be radiated to kill the e.coli but the manure is still high in e.coli and gets into our other food products such as vegetables / spinach / almonds / apple juice etc. These have to be radiated / pasteurized / steam heated / chlorine bathed to try and kill the e.coli as well.

    But the antibiotics still make their way into our diet through eating the grain fed meat, drinking the milk, eating the cheese, yogurt, butter. As well as our water supply from people taking the antibiotics as medicine and eating the tainted meat. As humans excrete waste it gets into the water and we drink or bath in it and absorb it up...what a mess!

    Food related news sites:






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    I'm not buying much of the localvore stuff but this contraption to keep the deer and rabbits away has grabbed my attention. Those two boogers terrorize my young Japanese maples. I like that setup. :D My solution for the younger trees has been to put up chicken wire around them surrounded by t-posts for support. The dang rabbits will take a bite and drop it when they realize that they don't like it, just to damage the tree. They'll also nibble around the base of the tree,thereby killing it... Great!... :rolleyes:


    I have however taken an interest in growing fruits and nuts on our property as well as the ornamental stuff that I attempt to sell.
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    Yep, one of the reasons ordinary folk can still afford to eat meat

    Wash your hands, and cook your food. Sanitize food prep areas.

    Poop down stream.

    Nice FENCE-pretty much the same mechanism old farm wives have been using for the last 2 centuries, along with dogs and shotguns.

    As far as the radiating meat, and other food products are concerned, is another bulls#@* regulation forced on producers because people are too f'n stupid to wash and cook their food properly. As far as e.coli/ manure are concerned, do you realize how much aerosol fecal matter is present in the air after you poop in your own bathroom, and just walking into a public restroom should seriously give you pause.( ever been to the Fair??)
    Here is a quote from a previous thread,http://www.thefirearmsforum.com/showthread.php?t=76024, quoting myself:

    "I like corn-fed beef, grew up on it, raised it, named a few. Tastes better than stringy ol grass fed sagebrush cattle. That grass probably has fertilizer [I might add that not only is the grass fertilized, but has pesticide and herbicide added as well]on it, because cattle can take down an acre of grass pretty quick. I have a cousin who ranches in western SD, says a cow/calf pair requires 40 acres of grass. Thats a lot of grass, in pretty good country and you can bet they fertilize a bunch of it. Have to, because it requires a lot of hay in the winter to keep those cattle healthy ( yep, they vaccinate them too, losing cows/calves is an expensive proposition) and fat, so they can sell those calves to the Nebraska and Iowa cattleman who fatten 'em up on corn. I guess as far as prices go,there ain't much profit in a grass fed steer or heifer that has reached market weight,so yep, gonna have to sell that beef for a premium.

    Kind of like the chicken you find in local stores. Can't find good ol' anti-biotic raised chicken anymore, so now chicken is twice the price of pork. Guess what? There is a lot of chicken just sitting there, on their refrigerated shelf. Folks will buy beef and pork before they pay 5-6 bucks a lb for chicken.

    I guess driving 125 miles to eat free range chickens,grass fed beef and drink raw milk makes sense in this "'Indian Summer' of a carbon based world" for some, but not to me. If we all ate grass fed beef, demand for grass fed beef would rise, and grassland would disappear.

    Realistically, who's feeding 300+million people in this country? Those awful farmers, like my great-granddad,granddad,and Dad.Not the rugged farmers featured in Mother Earth News.

    Incidents of issues with our food source and supply are greatly exaggerated when compared to the staggering amount of food produced and consumed every day, week, year." unquote

    Why? Opportunity.Litigation, legislation, fraud and corruption, the same ol' mainstays of politicians, lawyers and ordinary thieves.
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