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    Every year or so I like to add a piece to my collection and this I decided I’d like a long rang Big Game Rifle that I can shoot out to at least 500 yards. After much consideration I decided on a Remington Sendero, now that it’s in my possession it time to accessorize. So I have two main decisions to make first and foremost optics, secondly a bipod. I’ve looked at so many scope specs I’m not sure which end is up. I’m taken by Leupold’s M1or M3 with illuminated Mil Dot. However the cash component is hurtful.. I’ve looked at everything from Tasco to Swarovski. The last thing I want to do is buy a scope that in a year I decide I’m unhappy with. I’d like the scope to have range finding capability, BDC or internal compensation ie(Shepard & Springfield) and AO if over 10X.. Trying to be economical, not cheap. I guess I’m looking for a scope with all the above features quality and not break the bank.
    I called Cabela’s and the product specialist recommended the Cabela’s Alaskan Guide with the range finding reticle $359 (4.5X14) with optic quality’s equal to the Vari X III ?? To believe or not to believe. Does anyone know who makes the Cabela’s line of optics so far all I’ve got is “A restricted vendor”? Thanks in advance for any input..

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    I have heard good things on the Alaskan Guide, from Cabela`s. Don`t know who makes it, but have heard it`s tough and has quality optic`s. SAY AWAY FROM SPRINGFIELD!!! The rest are also of great quality. Just not the Springfield.....they are so hit and miss on quality for the dollars.....pass these by, you won`t regret it. Doc (AntiqueDR) here, is/was a Shepard dealer....so he can fill you in on that brand. LTS

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    Re: Optics (Decisions, Decisions)
    I still am a Shepherd dealer. Awesome scope, and the only one that will instantly tell you if your zero has shifted without firing a shot. Also, the One-Shot Zero system really works. These scopes are top quality, at LEAST as clear as the M3 Leupolds and I have never had one shoot loose on anything - even Lazzeroni's.

    Two basic models, a 3x-10x and a 6x-18x. Both have AO's, and you'll need to match the scope to the caliber. Check out Shepherd Enterprises for complete specs.

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    Try SWAPA.com I looked all over the place for an affordable scope for a .50 cal. the gamut ran from a $5,000 swarvarski down to a $200.00 leupold.50s have a tendancy to destroy scopes,most scopes have a lifetime warranty but the back and forth to the manufacturer is a pain in the tush.I looked at a lot of data on rounds/failure price and length of life of the scope..I got a Tasco 44X .50 cal sniper scope for $499.00(low priced spread) I now have 376 rounds on it without failure or having to realign it-- A lot of leupolds were coming apart at 200 rounds some very expensive ones were getting just over 150..Swarvarski(sp) had "0" failure rates even with their "cheap' $2,000 model. People laugh at me for the Tasco but its still there in one piece,the guys with the leupolds can't say the same...

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    Thanks for the input guys!
    I've looked at the Tasco's and read varying results regarding dependability and general quality. Even from a source as close as my brother. He was hunting last year with a guy from work (Tom). Tom had a brand new scope (Tasco World Class) shot at a deer and the after reacquiring the deer found he had blown the reticle completely out of whack. I never want to be in that or a similar situation. Spend all the time and money and in battle (on the hunt) have a failure. Think the rig would end up in flight. Nice price point on the Tasco's for sure. Still no one with the inside scoop regarding the manufacture of the Cabela's?? The more I look the more I like the idea of not having to make any adjustments or calculations after determining distance. The term I’ve seen associated with this is soilder proof. Think this is me. I wouldn’t use a Mil dot enough to feel comfortable (second nature) with calculations and adjustment. I was thinking of picking up a tasco Mil dot and just throwing it on my AR in order to become educated on mil theory. So the Alaskan with range finding and the Shepard are my lead choices for the 300 at this point since the Springfield as LIKTOSHOOT mentions above, has less than convincing reviews.