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I woudl try out someones rifle to see if your truly going to get into it. It also depends on what you are going to do at 1000? You wanna shoot comp or juts do it.

To build a 1000 yard gun you can start with a rem 700 PSS type rifle for around 8 to 900 bucks. Then your going to need at least another grand to see at range. You are then going to have to reload the recipe that works in your rifle.

I have seen guys shoot a set up anywhere form 1500 to well over 20 grand. I assure non of the guys wining matches are using anything on the low end.

If you not already in the HP relm I would start with the rifle mentioned and quality scope then as you learn buy parts to build the rifle you truly want.

There are several places Holland or Tommy Shurley ( the guy who took over Richard Franklin's shop when he retired ) or other who can build you a rifle that will shoot better then any of us could every hope to make the most of.
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