Long Range Target Rifle

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    I am looking to purchase a Long Range Target Rifle...
    by long range i mean capable to 1000yds, with EXCELLENT accuracy, TOP OF THE LINE! pretty much the best rifle you know of! i am looking to purchase it next summer, and want to compete with it, the only thing i dont want is 50 cal, its too expensive for the rounds... and i plan to scope it (obviously), and put a bi-pod on it, im looking to spend 5K on the rifle alone, but if i can get it for 5K for everything then all the better, also i was wanting bolt action, semi is fine but i like to work the action myself, like a true sniper!


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    Here you go: www.snipercentral.com/rifles.htm

    and some more info:



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    i am looking at the SSG3000 rifle at the moment, any comments? any other rifles you can think of?

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    See these sights for info on custom makers. You will be best served by getting one built to your specs.
    A word before going to the sites below:
    Don't come off as a Sniper wannabe. The guys here are mostly profesional LE and military snipers and serious competitors

    www.snipershide.com/cgi-b...b.cgi www.snipersparadise.com/s...t.htm Celt
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    i wouldnt call myself a "sniper" but i guess i could be, i prefer the term Marksman, it seems to raise eyebrows less...

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    The SSG3000 is very tempting with the 6 lug bolt and Mc Millian stock, but I compared it to the LRS2 and the barrel is a little shorter (.6) and the over all weight is heavier than the LRS2. I like then both but I think the difference that will be most noticeable will be the price. From what I hear the 2 rifles are the best on the market price wise and in accuracy. I've had some dingers tell me they beat out AI hands down. I know with the right person working it, the LRS2 can be dialed into a nice .18 MOA.

    hope I've given you something to think about
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