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  1. remington1990

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    Oct 19, 2010
    What is the different between the ky the pa and the tn long rifle I have a ky but I never knew the dif between them
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    A KY rifle and a PA rifle are basically one in the same. The reason PA rifles were called KY rifles is many who came in to settle KY were rom the PA region (VA which bordered PA too) thus the PA rifle became called a KY rifle. Now there are different styles of rifles depending on builders and areas of PA or VA they were originally built by/in. You have a Beck style, Lancaster stle, Vincint (sp) style, VA Mountain style, and on and on. Now as to a TN rifle, they were more of a plainer rifle and many were of smooth bore. I have a southern 62 caliber smooth bore TN Mountain flint rifle and it is a iron furniture no frills rifle. One of my PA/KY flinters has a good bit of inly on it however not all PA/KY rifles were fancy either. Best way to understand is to buy a good book on early flint long rifles. To really post all the differences would be one long post!

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    The stock; the Pennsylvania has a higher "comb" ( sometimes called a 'roman nose').

    The pic explains it; it is a Traditions .50 cal. Pennsylvania long rifle; note the "hump" in the stock; the Kentucky doesn't have this; it it straight.

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