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    What was your first reaction when you learned you were
    going to Vietnam?

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    Oh Sh**! Was wondering what it would be like to be an RTO,would I be going to an Infantry unit or perhaps get lucky and get a rear position.

    Like everyone else I had seen the nightly news and wondered how not to get shot or blown up.These are the thoughts I had inwardly and other then asking Ronnie,Charlie and Bennie how it was and letting them know somewhat how scared I was...I did try to mask the fear around my family and other friends.
    ...and two hard boiled eggs.

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    Oh sh**! Ditto exactly what Homer said. Except for the fact that having taken the tests for flight school and being accepted, it was stated quite clearly in 1966 that anyone going to flight school and flying helicopters would be going one place and one place only......Vietnam. Of course, being naive I figured for sure that by the time I finished flight school, Vietnam would be long over. Surely, they'd have signed the peace thing and I'd be trained to fly and wouldn't have to go........ya. Little did I or anyone else expect that the damn thing would last another 9 years!!!!!!! and even at that, the final outcome.

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    So absolutely frikkin' happy I got drunk for two days...

    However....... I volunteered for it!!!

    you try staying in Panama for a 2 year tour!!!! I dare ya!!

    (Also, my volunteering kept my two younger brothers (one in air force & one in Army) OUT OF VN until I left...

    besides.... the one in the army was air-defense and would have most likely got himself shot.... by his own people....(not the sharpest tack in the box)... the other one was air cargo, so that kept him close to home since the air base (Richards-Gabaur) was only a few miles away.


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    First set of orders came in Nov 1962 for a MACV assignment to Saigon. I was a 17 year old still in Medic AIT at Ft Sam. I had no idea where or what Vietnam was. Did some home work and was all worked up and happy about going. Looked like an adventure of a lifetime to me. Got all them "shots", was packed and getting ready to load the bus to the airport when they yanked me out of line. Cancelled me out. Man, I was pissed. They said was too young to go then. Second set came in 1970. I was an E7 Wardmaster at Neubruckie Army Hospital in Germany then. My mother and two younger brothers were visiting but I couldn't tell them until the day before they returned to the US. Told them I'd see them in a couple of weeks. Mom started bawling, worried that life was about to repeat itself. My biological father was KIA on the Eastern Front during WWII a few months before I was born. I knew I'd be going but wasn't to worried about it. Thought I be safe in a hospital somewhere. That thought dissappeared when the pilot told us we were about 20 minutes out, get our stuff together, we'd be going in under blackout steep and fast, when the plane stopped to unass his aircraft as quickly as we could and run for the bunkers at the side of the runway. Started to sweat and pray then.

    Take care, Gene