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    I recieved a message from a former 588th engineer bat person, he believes he should have recieved a PH for a wound he recieved when his dump truck ran over a mine.

    In the TAY NINH area. In 1967 (as close as I've gotten, so far, the fellow is reticent to talk about his experiences).

    His name: John Snedeker

    People he knew:
    Steven A. Miller, John Hadley, and Bruce Crystal.

    if you have any info, PLEASE let me know at:

    Thanks for any help

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    Re: Looking for help
    Nice to see you again John!

    I wish you luck on this conquest!

    TFF VMBB Email Tac

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    The 388th was the predecessor to the 588th. It was an all black unit that helped build the CANOL Pipeline in Canada, prior to WWII.

    There are some people making a documentary about this effort.

    Any help

    Here is the letter I recieved.

    Dear John,

    My name is Allan Code, my company is Treeline Productions. With financial assistance from Canada Council (our “Council for the Arts”I am producing an “independent” historical documentary about the CANOL PROJECT . This summer we traveled the North Canol with Art John, Kaska Elder, and guide to the Army Corp of Engineers 1942-43. He led the way by dog-team and horse-back through Kaska lands, from Johnson’s Crossing to Caribou Pass. Art’s “road trip” is the foundation of the film (He’s really an amazing guy).

    The 388th had a big part in the building of the Canol, and their story has not been well represented by the documentation of the time. Time is getting very late… but there may be elders, veterans of the building of the Canol, especially the line from Johnson’s Crossing to Camp Canol whose interview and observation could shine a light upon the role of the 388th in this story.

    Could you help put us in touch with them?

    Allan Code


    867 393 3306

    Fax: 867 633 5564

    39 Green Crescent,

    Whitehorse, Yukon

    Y1A 4R8

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    Re: Got More
    Good luck old friend!

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