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Looking for info

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Any information would be greatly appreciated!
Anyone know what year and what this is worth.
32 hammerless revolver
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Ty guys for all the help i really appreciate it. Not bad for being found in the dirt by an old burned down house. 8) was rusted to the point nothing would move, took a night but all parts are moving again. Anyways Thanx again!
After quite possibly having been in a fire ... I wouldn't shoot it with any ammunition untill it has been checked by a "gunsmith" ...
Fires remove the temper of steel , leaving the parts soft and the cylinder my not hold up if fired . 32 S&W is still available and if someone doesn't know any better they might try and fire it ...just get it checked , for safety !
Still a neat find ... you did a good job in un-rusting it !
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1 - 1 of 9 Posts