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(11/1/02 11:50:38 pm)
Reply | Edit | Del All Looking for Lee reloaders with knowledge.
I got the press from the auction. It is a Lee Loadmaster set up for pistols. There are 8 die holder plates that I can put calibers in. It has the shell case dispenser, the auto primer set up, and the powder dispenser. It has instructions with it.

All this is significantly different than my Hornady LNL-AP. It appears to have been used only one time. What I need is a fellow reloader with experience with this press to ask questions to If I need it.

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(11/2/02 9:46:32 am)
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Shooter22, I will be at your place next Thursday, I have the same press. Will be glad to help you set it up. You sure can crank out a boat load of rounds with that thing.

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