Looking for my Dad's Springfield 1903

Discussion in 'Curio & Relics Forum' started by cointoss2, Mar 20, 2003.

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    Can anyone tell me how I can find out the disposition of my Dad's WW2 Springfield?

    I tried Springfield Research, but it didn't list the Serial #.

    Also: How does one know if you have matching #s for a barrel and receiver on this model?
    Please email.

    Any Seabee's 9th Const. Bat.
    Please email; [email protected]



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    Hi Lesikar....welcome to TFF.

    Finding any particular rifle carried in WWII would be practically impossible.

    If your dad carried a Springfield in WWII, it would have been early in the war. By 1943 all of the Springfields had been recalled and M1 (Garand) were being issued to our troops. The Springfields were sent to various U.S. Arsenals for refurbishing and rebuilding (and the parts frequently all mixed up).....and then put into storage.

    There were some still issued, usually to the military's boot camps, mainly for drill purposes. As late as 1955, when I went thru Navy boot camp, we were issued Springfields....but these were strictly "drill" or "marching" guns. When we went to the range to qualify, we did it with M1s.

    After WWII, most of the Springfields were sold thru the Director of Civilian Marksmanship.

    The chances of finding any particular Springfield from the many hundreds of thousands (or maybe, millions) made are pretty damn slim.

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    What Xracer said. All you can do is run ads advertising the serial number and hope for the best. I have searched for guns that I used to own, and on the rare occasion when you do find one, the seller usually wants a premium price cause he knows you want it bad.