looking for redbone hounds

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    hi im 46 im in a wheelchair some of the time i have a brace on my right leg i can walk when i feel good i have had 3 strokes from a rare blood disorder that is genatic i was born with it my blood clots all the time.what i am looking for is a redbone coon hound my grandson is 5 and is realy into the hunting and fishing he is only 5 but is like a 10 year old he already traps with me and hunts small game i want to try to keep is intrest going in the sports.he seen the movie where the red fern grows and feel in love with red bone hounds his father had one but died of old age he was 16.he is very respansable young boy who love animals.is there anyone out ther that has a pup or young redbone that i can get him for a surprise xmas present????? i live in south western new york in the alleghany mt. on the pa. border near OLEAN NEW YORK. I AM ON A TIGHT INCOME and can pay little.but maybe god will look out on me and answer my prayer. he is so looking for a redbone coon hound. if ther is anyone that can help me you would be a GOD SEND i want to see his face xmas morning with a redbone

    if you can help me you would make a little boys dream come true

    thank you and god bless

    rich kreamer





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