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So I've spent the past few days crawling this website hoping to determine what year my H&R .32 Top Break revolver was manufactured. Each time I feel like I've got an idea, I find a new factoid. So I decided to swallow my pride and ask.

I hope to supply all the information in the first post, based off of everything I've read, but I'll gladly take the gun further apart to supply more information.

The top of the barrel reads:
"Harrington & Richardson Arms Company
Worchester Mass U.S.A. Pat Oct 4 '87 Apr 2 '95 Apr 7 '96"

There are no serial numbers stamped onto the barrel, the grip has the regular target logo on it. Both the cylinder and auto-ejector are stamped with the number "38" I had trouble actually getting a really great video of the serial number (see attached picture) but I believe it is 61038 (?)

I'd really appreciate any information about the date of production, or really any useful information about the gun that could be gathered. Thanks for all of the help.


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