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Anyone have any experience with these?

Finally got around to picking up a 12 gauge shotty for HD and anything other than birdshot is scarce or jacked up hereabouts local so I found these and ordered some. Got a shoulder that isn't 100% so thought the low recoil might be a blessing as far as that goes. Did pick up some cheaper #7 shot bird loads to break in the new gun (IAC Defender pump, 870 clone)
I've shot 4 boxes of these, also about 5 boxes of Winchester LEO 12-gauge (another low recoil round). Both worked fine in my Rem 870, no issues, nothing different except I'd put it at about 30% less felt recoil. Didn't notice any on target differences either, but I was only out to about 25 yards. I would guess they'd lose some punch at longer ranges.
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