LTS -- 10/22 Bull Barrels

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    Reply LTS -- 10/22 Bull Barrels
    Hey LTS, just wondering what your preference is for 10/22 bull barrels?

    I'm thinking about getting an Adams & Bennet SS with muzzle brake. Are they decent? How do they compare to the Butler Creek? I realize Volq are probably better, but they seem to be outside my price range.


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    I have not used a A&B barrel, but have heard good reports on them. I have pretty much quit using all steel barrels because of weight.....even though I still have a few with them. I mostly hunt with mine and they get heavy quick, with all that metal. For a paper puncher and fun gun...they are great. I am in the process of setting up a test for barrels (complete rifles), fired from a remote bench rest setup. This will be for testing all the little add ons and tuning. I have never had a bad butler creek barrel and have been through a bunch (steel) for the money....butler creek has done good by me. I am currently in the hunt for another maker (lightweight) and some more length. I don`t think any of them are better or worse....the dollars just don`t justify it, unless you are a match shooter. I am a firm believer on the internal components, that make this rifle perform. It`s the dollar and what you get for it that motivates me. Let me know how it does.....if you decide on A&B. Regards LTS
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