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(3/28/02 2:09:38 pm)
Reply | Edit | Del All LTS sidekick and squirrel dog
Here is a couple of pictures of LTS's sidekick. Look closely at the newborn baby squirrel at his feet. Remember these are Texas squirrel's. LTS will be along shortly to spin us a yarn!

I suffer from occasional loss of mental stability, and become very violent with only slight provocation. The Veterans Administration has determined that both mental and physical harassment of my person may be hazardous to your health and well being. So stay away from my Donuts!!


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(3/28/02 2:35:21 pm)
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Yep, that`s my tree rat dog and yes thats a very young can you tell, nonads! This dumb little fart was messing with her and jumped on a brittle limb above her. She inturn, jumped on him....he jumps no more. She doesn`t take squirrels lightly, but as you can see....doesn`t rip them up either, knows her a$$ will get whacked. Long legged Boston Bull/ Terrier mix.....sneaky and bullet speed fast. She is a sight dog, not a trailer.....but can find one shot, if coaxed. She must have 12x vision, cause she can spot ones, I can only see through a scope. She just turned two. My pal.....the Tree Rat Dog, hunter and friend. LTS

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(3/28/02 6:24:50 pm)
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Good looking dog, LTS -

Must get her smarts from the Terrier side - we once had a pedigreed Boston Bull bitch - dumbest dang'd dog I've ever known! Finally escaped from the fenced yard, ran over into another neighborhood and got run over and killed by an elderly woman driving about 15-20 mph.

Last dog we have owned.
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