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(4/1/02 3:46:01 pm)
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I just acquired a Ruger P89 and have mastered the takedown and reassembly. I have made it scrupuously clean and have lightly oiled (really light) the slide and frame.

Is this the correct procedure given the frame is aluminium and the slide is stainless. I lightly oil my SS MKll but that is stainless to stainless.

Is there a better lubricant to use on the P89 ie graphite or ???

I am a new shooter as well as a new center fire owner so don't laugh too hard if my lack of knowledge is showing.

remember: experience is the direct result of poor judgement

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(4/2/02 10:05:46 pm)
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Re: Lubricating a P89

There are no dumb questions and noone is going
to laugh at you!

any decent lube is ok but a synthetic lube I find
usually works best for me.
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(4/2/02 10:59:17 pm)
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I'm trying Kleen Bore Formula 3 right now, it comes in a little dispencer with a needle for precise lubing. Seems to work well.

As Tac said, and decent lube will work.
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(4/4/02 8:49:44 am)
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How about a synthetic like "MOBILE 1"? 10W-40????? I would think it's got to be as good as anything else out there! I bought a quart last week and was going to start trying it. Anyway Alpha, How you likin' that P-89??? I got myself a couple, I gotta say I think they're the best thing yet! Not really great for concealed carry, but that's why they made so many of the older Chief's Specials!
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(4/27/02 10:55:59 pm)
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I have a P-85 and a P-90 and love em..Except for run off I have never over lubed them.Some spray lubes will thicken after a while but a thin layer of standard mil-0-190 lube oli is great..If I might give you a bit of a tip--polish your barrel and barrel extension to as high gloss as possible als the feed ramp where the rounds slide up out of the magizine into the barrel,polish that ramp as good as you ever polished anything--helps feeding greatly--Its hard to hurt one of those P85s thru P-90a
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