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RobC in Missouri
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(11/7/01 5:24:41 pm)
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While I got some decent reference material on some of my stuff, I am lacking on a good book on the M1 Carbine. Everyone seems to agree that the definitive work is Larry Ruth's "War Baby," but I believe it's out of print and high dollars when found.

What recommendations do you have for me? I'm looking for something that list parts variations/identifications, markings, etc. How's Reich's book? The Duff/Ruth compilation on carbines and Garands? What else?

RobC in Missouri

V.I.P. Forum Host
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(11/7/01 7:42:58 pm)
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RobC, I don't know how much your willing to spend, but I found a used one at for $20 in "new" condition. They were showing 3 or 4 books by him though.

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