M1 Carbine's Battle Sight Zero?

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    Mar 31, 2008
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    When I was in basic (or maybe A.I.T.), we trained on the M-14. When we zeroed our weapons (battle sight zero), we did so on a very close target, something on the order of thirty or forty feet. We were told that the target's distance was essentially the same as its maximum effective range. The target was comprised of one inch squares.

    We started at zero elevation and center windage. We would fire three shot groups and adjust the sights until our groups were hitting where we were aiming. Then we would write the rear sight settings on tape and affix it inside the butt plate; thus, we achieved our battle sight zero!

    My question is: I have a M1 carbine, and I wish to set the battle sight zero. What is the distance I should place the target to shoot the (sandbagged) three shot groups at?
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