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(7/5/01 10:03:54 pm)
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On page 26 of the American Rifleman(July issue) there is an add for a M1 rifle.

The add states: Stored in a U.S. army depot, These M1 Garand rifles are genuine U.S. issue - not worn out imports or questionable "put togethers" from foreign or aftermarket parts.

They are offered by the "Civilian marksmanship program" which states that they are a non profit corporation.

Are these rifles any good from a collectors standpoint?
And does anyone know what kind of shape they are in?

As always thanks

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(7/6/01 12:08:33 am)
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Re: M1 for $500
Flhunter -

If the M1's you are reading about are from the DCM they are more of a shooting variety of rifle. They would have absolutely no collectors value as they are all armory refabrications from Redstone Arsenal, Alabama. I got mine about 10 years ago when you could still get them for $165.00 (including shipping).

Don't know if the rquirements are the same now as they were when I got mine, but back then I had to actually "qualify" through an NRA affilliated Club, on their range. Had to use a .30 cal weapon, and have the score card validated by one of the club officers. Had a bunch of forms to fill out and send off to DCM, then wait for the normal government red tape to take it's course. A buddy of mine and I qualified at the same time and submitted our paperwork together. I got my M1 13 weeks before he got his. (At the time we applied I was working as the Adminisrtative Officer for a DOD activity here in Grand Rapids. One of the requirements of the DCM rifle program is that you have to pass a thorough background investigation. As I was a DOD employee, and one of my administrative duties was that of Security Officer, I had my boss, an Army Lieutenant Colonel, sign an affadivit that I held a NATO Secret Security Clearance for a DOD activity, and as such had previously completed a thorough background investigation. It must have worked because it only took me about 6 weeks to get my rifle.

They are good shooters and some have better furniture on them than others, but there is nothing elaborate or extra special about them. They are, of course, a much better weapon than the rebuilds that are being sold now that are Korean War returns


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(7/6/01 11:31:44 am)
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I found their site on the web and this is what they said about the rifles.

The CMP has several grades of M1 Garand rifles and set prices as follows. NOTE: Prices are subject to change without notice.

SERVICE GRADE: $500.00 - Limit of five per customer per calendar year - In external appearance, these are average rifles in "military service" condition. Metal finish may be worn. The wood will be sound, but with probable dents, gouges and bruises. Parts and/or finish are not necessarily original, and may be mixed from different manufacturers. Bore condition measured by a throat erosion gauge will vary from 1 (new) to 5 (worn but serviceable). Add $19.95 shipping charge per rifle.

SERVICE GRADE LESS WOOD: $425.00 - Same as above, all metal parts only. All metal for wood parts not included. Add $19.95 shipping charge per rifle.

"DANISH ISSUE" SERVICE GRADE: $400.00 - Limit of two per customer per calendar year (See order form for exceptions) - Same as Service grade except that these rifles were returned to the U.S. Army by Denmark and may contain a mixture of Danish and Italian parts. Wood may be walnut, birch, or beech. Rifles may be coated with a preservative as received by the CMP. All barrels have been gauged and rifles have been head-spaced. Add $19.95 shipping charge per rifle.

SELECT GRADE: The percentage of rifles that meet criteria for Select Grade is smaller than in previous months. There are still over 900 names on the waiting list and we do not expect to have these orders filled until the end of 2001.

COLLECTOR GRADE: $950.00 - Limit of one per customer per calendar year, when available - Either of two criteria qualifies a rifle for this grade: originality or scarcity. Condition is secondary: the rifle is not likely to appear "new", and in fact may look no better than some rifles in Service or Select grades. Bore condition may gauge from 1 to 5. Add $19.95 shipping charge per rifle. Examples of Collector grade rifles include, but are not limited to:

Any M1 of any era, from any of the four manufacturers, having all the original parts and finish as shipped from the manufacturer, with the appropriate inspector’s cartouche on the stock;
Any pre-WWII Springfield Armory M1 with essentially all original parts (may have some minor parts replaced);
Any Winchester "dash-13" variations (1.6 million serial number range);
Any International Harvester M1 rifles with the original barrels and most other original parts, as well as those rifles bearing unusual manufacturers’ logos on the receiver, including the "Arrowhead", Gap-lettered" and "Postage Stamp" variations;
Any Harrington and Richardson M1 with a serial number in the 6 million range.

Thanks for all the help.

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(8/5/01 3:05:51 pm)
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Having visited the CMP website it appears that attempting to get an M-1 from them is the same goose chase as going to look for that mint Harley that an old widow's son parked in the barn before he went and got killed in the war. Been on several of these and ain't found one yet.

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(8/15/01 5:00:13 am)
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fredneck, I got my Garand from them last year. If you belong to an approved shooting club it is no problem. Mine is a 1941 springfield and is very accurate. In great shape except the wood is beat up. My friend got one made by IH with all matching parts with great wood. It is all in the luck of the draw. It is a good program and the cheapest way to get ahold of these great rifles.

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(8/15/01 7:44:29 am)
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there's no type of "approved shooting club" around here but I do know of a couple of one owner M-1's eventually they will be for sale just got to be the fustus wit da mostus when opportunity knocks
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