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    i am looking to purchase a M1 Garand as soon as i turn 18 and i was wanting to know if this is worth it...

    goto www.miltecharms.com/ and goto rifles and then look at the M1-D sniper version, i was looking to purchase this one... do you think its worth the money?

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    Re: M1 GARAND
    Welcome to TFF

    The price on the M1 Garand is pobably ok considering it is completely restored. I think the price for the M1D is high.

    You can get a GI issue M1 Garand for $500 from CMP and restore it yourself and save some money.

    Check out www.fultonarmory.com and www.springfield-armory.com/ and www.odcmp.com/Services/Rifles/sales.htm they all sell Garands

    Springfield gets $1061.00 these are NEW

    Fulton Armory gets from $1099 to $2000 depending on grade. These are restored.They also sell parts for restoring a Garand.

    CMP $500 for a service grad and $1200 for a collector grade.
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