M14 and M16

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    First off, these are legal guns; fully papered and stamped!!
    I have a Smith Enterprises selectfire M14, I guess all parts are GI but rec., decent wood stock. Also have Olympic Arms select M16A1 with heavy bbl. otherwise looks just like my VN days. This piece also has the complete Olympic Arms 9mm conv. unit (auto) [upper, mag adapt., mags etc.] The initial upper had 'square' bolt head and gave problems, was returned to fac. and replaced with bolt with 'cone' head and works great. Both purchased in mid '80s. What might these be worth today?
    Though I don't really want to sell the guns, since I'm older now and have less places to shoot available; I am considering selling the 9mm conv. unit, any market for that? It's NFA as it has an 11 3/4 bbl.
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    Some market for the 9mm unit. Some people want the 9mm. I have had a few and now down to a 1. On 9mm's its difficult because you need more than the upper to get them to run properly and its hard to find the parts sometimes. Different hammer and buffer weight. A lot of people have hard time find a mag adapter that works properly. The Olympic has a good quality because it can work without changing the buffer; and sometimes the hammer. It uses a different kind on bolt to allow this. But on some regular AR-15 hammers the gun can malfuction and the bolt will catch the hammer while moving forward. This could accidently cause the gun to shoot a couple round burst. Thats like a big deal if the gun is not a registered F/A. A lot people with money for an extra upper do not want an Olypmic because it is not considered as good of quality as an RRA or Colt. Every Olympic I have seen run with mag block to use sten mags or it uses altered sten mags. The sten mags are inexpensive(usually buy 2 to 1 or 3 to 1 from other types of mags) but the quality is questionable. The mags have weak feed lips, hard to load, have problem with jamming. Because its a 11 3/4 inch and an NFA barrel someone needs to have a registered F/A or a registered SBR to be legal. Or someone could weld a permanent flash hider to it.