M1A Nat'l Match Front Sight

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    M1A sight question
    I picked up a national match front site for my M1A the sight blade is noticable thinner than the old one which is good, however it is also tapered. It will go on either way. My question is when I look down the barrel do I want to be looking at the wider part of it or the skinny part of it.

    If I am looking at the skinny part then I can see the sides of it as it tapers larger. When I mount it so I am looking at the wide part I think it is better because the sides are tapering away and it is a crisper picture becasue of lack of shadows or something.

    Just wondering what is the correct way it should be mounted.

    Am I making any sense here?

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    Re: M1A sight question
    It should taper toward the muzzle.

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    Re: M1A sight question
    Thanks, that is how I did it. Going to shoot it this afternoon
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