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If you can't hit the "broad side of the barn" with open sights, a scope won't help you. :oops:
Not doing bug holes with mine BUT, I wouldn't want to be anywhere near the targets when the "range is hot" call comes in. :eek::cool:

Hits at top of paper at 20 yards? Same sight in just might be a different story out at 100 yards and I believe sight adjustments are at 100 yard clicks? I know I can pound the hell out of a steel gong at 100 yards.:cool: Never have "fine tuned" my ammo. Just start banging that gong till I empty the mag.
Did try shooting out at the public range. Gong had to be 400 yards. Shooting Buddy kept calling "hits" at that range. :cool:

My shooting buddy and I decided to shot as few rounds. He was at the next be bench. We both burned of 40 rounds each, 2 20 round mags.
Range Master headed our was thinking we went full auto. :eek:
Figured we were shooting too fast so we just slowed down a bit. ;)
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