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(5/29/01 6:28:22 pm)
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Little help?

Yesterday, I shot my AIM specials I bought last week, and one would extract the fired case but it fall back into the action. No ejection MOST of the time.

If I worked the action REAL fast and hard (No Comments, Please! ) it would eject, BUT what do I have?

I switched bolts after the obligatory "Polish Headspace Test" and the other bolt worked fine, excellent extraction/ejection, so I suspect the extractor.

The extractor hook looks fine, compared to all my other bolt heads. Could it be bent or weak?

It seems to "lose" grip on the rim on the way back and the empty would just lay on top of the next round.

How do you replace an extractor anyway on an MN, drift punch from the back of the bolt head? It seems to be just a tight fit in a dovetail on the side.

BTW, that Albanian ammo my wife doesn't know about worked fine. In fact, maybe better than the Russian from SOG.

None of those little cracks on the neck/shoulder, the brass must be softer.

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(5/29/01 6:45:15 pm)
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Two things, Polish. It could be a weak extractor, if it works with speed bolting, but not just the easy pull back or it could be the ole cosmoline binding in the slot and causing the extractor to hang alittle....yea-yea, I know, it`s clean. I had a mauser (Argentine..sp?) that did the same thing after we removed all the crud. Took it back home and put the bolt in the sonic cleaning tank.....never had another problem. JMO.....LTS

Bob In St Louis
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(5/29/01 7:41:01 pm)
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I believe LTS has pretty much hit it - the extractor has either lost it's tempering, and doesn't have the "spring" it should, or there is still some hidden residual cosmo-Goo hindering the action. I would try super cleaning it first and retrying it before attempting to replace it.
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