M44 numbers

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    Why would my M44 have a matching bolt, but not a matching floorplate? The buttplate is also matching. It's a 1946 Izhevsk and looks nearly new, so I'm guessing it's an arsenal rework. I always thought if the bolt matched, then the floorplate surely would, since bolts are easier to change than other parts.

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    Pretty much all of them are arsenal reworks (not arsenal refinished to LN condition, just arsenal repaired). These little carbines came out of service and were put into storage for future use. They were repaired and then stored in cosmoline. If yours had a damaged/rusted/missing floorplate, then it was switched out or replaced. They didn't just arbitrarily switch parts, although it seems that way sometimes.

    I have almost the same thing... a 1946 Izzy M44 with all matching numbers except the buttplate.
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