M48. Worth the price?

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  1. Mauser M48 rifle built on German equipment in Serbia after WWII, caliber 8x57 (8mm Mauser). The rifle is allegedly in "never issued" condition with a pristine bore, no dings on the barrel or the receiver, excellent stocks, and matching serials. Price is $399.00 plus shipping. Would such a rifle be worth the price? If I buy it, my intention is to restock the rifle in decent walnut, reblue if necessary, and mount a scope.
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    Unless you're buying it from Mitchell's - no way! :eek:

  3. Xracer

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    If this is, indeed, a "New, Never Issued" M48 with all matching serial numbers, it might well be worth $399.....but it would be a terrible shame to "bubba-ize" such a firearm.

    Back in the '50's when you could buy excellent 98k's for under $15, and there were tons of them on the market, perhaps there was an excuse for doing such things....but not any more. WWII military rifles in their original configuration are getting scarcer and scarcer, and many types have reached "semi-historical" status.

    If you want to "sporterize" an M48, look for a used one with a nice action and bore. Lots of 'em out there for less than half that price.
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    The new Mitchell ad in SGN is advertizing M48's at $299.
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