Machine Gun Shoot Oct 7, 8, & 9, 2005

Discussion in 'NFA Firearms & Related Items' started by Colonel Klink, Oct 1, 2005.

  1. Colonel Klink

    Colonel Klink New Member

    Jun 24, 2005
    Oakland CA and Reno NV
    Only six days left til the opening of the next Machine Gun Shoot where you get to shoot them. Spent Thur. night learning to fix the subguns and getting them ready for the shoot. I will be working the subgun range Friday night, either the Glock 18 or the Uzi. Saturday I will be a free lance ticket seller at the big gun range. Look for me and say hello.

    For additional information go to:
  2. gunfreakboy

    gunfreakboy Member

    Sep 20, 2005
    Buffalo, N.Y.
    I would love to attend a machine gun shoot event but I don't think they have them in these here parts. Do you know of any clubs or websites to help me locate one within reasonable distance of NY?

  3. RKBA

    RKBA New Member

    Dec 24, 2005
    Looks like they have another one scheduled for June. I plan on being there if the ATF will ever finish my paperwork.....
  4. lslubecki

    lslubecki New Member

    Mar 15, 2005
    Knobcreek Kentucky has a machine gun shoot in the spring and fall every year. They have a web site but not sure when it is. Location is near Fort Knox, KY. Been there last spring and fall. AWESOME! You can rent almost anything to shoot and they have demos. They had a 73mm cannon and two tanks. Only the cannon was fired. I highly recomend it.

    Steve Lubecki
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