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    Yeah, Ursus, and Southern, the USA USED to be able to "keep a secret," when MOST Americans generally had the good of the US at heart and were all generally patriotic and loyal citizens...

    Now we have a lot of "traitors" among us, that put party or power in FRONT of "country...."

    Back in World War II, we broke the German Enigma Code, and kept it "Ultra Top Secret" the whole war....(we were READING the German dispatches almost before THEY did....)and some of the later computer code breaking techniques we developed for the Germans and the Japs, we were STILL using after the war on the Russians, so as we "demobilized," all the men and women civilians were ASKED, (AND lightly threatened!) to keep it a secret AFTER they were released from National Service....

    THEY ALL DID, there are MANY stories I've read of them only telling even their SPOUSES on their DEATHBEDS, if they told them at ALL, what they ACTUALLY did in the war!

    IN the 1970s, scholars first started finding out about the "Ultra Secret," and it was destined to change the way EVERYBODY looked at World War II! BUT we were STILL using some of the techniques against the commies, so the US government released SOME information about WWII, and then released MISINFORMATION at the same time designed to throw off the Historians! With the fall of the Commies in 1989-90, more and more stuff is now declassified, and the TRUE story is now coming out, some of the books written in the 70s, including the first and best, "The ULTRA SECRET" are plumb WRONG.

    But did we CARE??? NO, we ALL understood the threat, at least THEN.

    Today, with our LIberals and traitors we have now in the opposition party, such a secret would be let loose in DAYS if not MINUTES to score ANY political points....and the USA be DAMMED...:mad:
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    You`re saddly right on that Polish.

  3. Polish, this is one time I really, really wish I could disagree with you. Unfortunately, I can't. I think your signature motto says it all.
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