Mag Loads & a sometimes problem

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    Well folks,I've a ? for you.I use a variety of magazines,with
    different rounds in my ole Gov and sometimes I get a failure
    to lock back on the last one.Now I have tried different slide
    stops from Wilson extended,Ed Brown extended,King's combat,and factory Colt.Still with the same result,most times
    it will lock back but once in a while it will fool me and lock
    into battery giving me a false think that I've still a round in
    the chamber.I've switched from King's 8 rdn mags,Colt Fac.
    7 and 8 rnd mags,Mec-gar 8 and 10 rnd'ers,and am about
    to try Wilson-Rogers 8 rdn mags.I generally run Remington
    185+p jacketed hollow points through,but also Wolf for
    practice shooting and it can be a little upsetting and a bit
    scary if you know what I mean.The mag release is a Wilson
    extended and works ok,I have noticed that the mags seemed
    a little loose in a up-down type motion.What do ya think ?
    My thanks for your thoughts.

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    Reply Re: Mags,loads & a sometimes problem
    Without looking at your pistol, I'd suspect the mag release. Check it for any unusal wear or burrs. The mag should fit tight when inserted.

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    Re: Mags,loads & a sometimes problem
    Wilson Mags are THE best, all I use is Wilson Mags
    and all of my other mag bodies have Wilson spring
    & follower kits in them!

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    bg, most competition shooters never use an extended slide stop. It seems they will lock the slide back at times. Try this.

    Install the slide (only) onto the receiver and install the slide stop. Check that the slide stop moves freely into the slide stop hole in the receiver. Remove any burrs with a swiss file or small stone. If there are no burrs and the slide stop still drags going into the receiver or won't lay flat against the receiver, check to see if there is a chamfer around the slide stop pin hole in the receiver. Some of the new receivers do not have this chamfer and some slide stop pins taper slightly as they meet the lever. This chamfer can be put in with a countersink. Check to see if the slide stop moves freely up into its catch in the slide. If not, remove metal from the slot in the slide stop as necessary.

    This is about the best I can do without having the pistol in hand.

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    When you insert a magazine, does it go all the way in and "click" into place? Is the mag tight, or can you wriggle it a little by the heel?

    As shooter says, I'd suspect the mag release.

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    Reply Re: Mags,loads & a sometimes problem
    Here's what I've done so far.I've locked the slide back and
    inserted a Wilson mag into the frame,yes it does "click" into
    place.I've also followed the suggestion of inspecting the
    slide stop into the frame with the slide on and off and I
    did polish the slide stop and that seemed to make the slide
    stop move a little more freely.There is no bind.Now when
    looking into the open chamber from the top down,I can see
    that the slide stop is contacting the mag follower when the
    mag is empty,resulting in the up-down play I was taking
    about.I've looked at the mag release and did not see any
    burrs or worn spot,yet I can move the mag up into the well
    maybe a little under a 1/4" of an inch.I'm going to the range
    friday to try out a new Shilen heavy barrel on a mini-14 I
    have and will try out these new Wilson mags in the Gov.
    at that time.Thanks for all info,and will tell the tale when
    back from the shoot-em-up friday,In the mean time,pray
    you all have a happy and safe New Year's.