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(1/30/03 4:02:01 pm)
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When analyzing reloading problems, e.g., chambering, do we ever investigate whether or not the magazine is the culprit?

I've encountered problems reloading plated bullets, 185 grain and 200 grain semiwadcutters -- no problems with the 200 grain lead semiwadcutter.

Someone suggested that the problem may be related to weakened springs in the magazine. The magazines are as old as the gun, about 10 years. It's a Gold Cup, and it's not used very often, perhaps a few thousand rounds during that timeframe.

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(1/30/03 9:26:27 pm)
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Re: Magazine Follower and Springs
Wilson Combat!in every one of my 1911-mags!

To be more specific, even my Colt mags have WC springs
& followers.

I've bet my life on it!

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