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Magnum or standard primers for 30-06 load

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As soon as the H4350 powder comes in I plan on working up a load with a Sierra 165 gr HPBT Gameking. The gun is a Savage 110 in 30-06. Elevation is 5000-9,000 feet and weather for hunting season is usually 20-40 degrees. I have used cci mag primers without any issue in a load with Big Game powder under a 150 gr pill. Obviously i will watch for excess pressure signs regardless, but should it be ok To use mag primers? I have 700 sitting on the shelf at the time.

I plan on using a ladder test with loads from 55.1-59.0 grains (range is 53.0-59.0 and with a coal of 3.185) in .3 gr increments with a 2-3 minute cool down period between shots. Also, should I boresnake the barrel in between the shots or have fouler shots?

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You will be fine. Mag primers are not necessary and may affect accuracy, but as long as you start low and work up they will work just fine, especially in those colder temps.
I have never used magnum primers in 30.06 but you should be OK with them if you do as steve suggests - start low. As far as the boresnaking between, it sure couldn't hurt.
That combination should present you with a very good load in the '06 for hunting. Steve and gdmoogy are spot on about those magnum primers and starting low and gradually working up. Hunting the high country in Colorado many years ago, the magnum primers were thought to ignite better at lower temps than standard primers. Maybe a chemist would disagree about that, but thats just my humble thoughts and personal experiance on the matter.

Also be aware that almost every reloading manual will advise you to 'stick with the exact components listed', and while I agree with that alltogether, this is the ONLY exception of substituting anything in load data that I ever do. Work up slowly and be wathchful of ANY signs of increased pressue - like flattening primers and/or changes in extraction effort in a bolt gun. Don't consider 5 or 10 rounds as the absolute end to your tests. I'd double that (at least) when you've found the load that performs best in your rifle. Any of those give you excessive pressure signs, reduce that charge and slowly work up again.

I would'nt bother with exceptional cleaning methods between shots when you are working up your loads. Looks like you are there with you waiting for barrel cool-down like you already are. If you are talking about zeroing for the hunting trip, I used to clean the daylights out of my rifle anytime I shot, but before leaving for a hunt I'd fire 3-5 rounds to confirm my sights were perfectly zero'd, then wipe down the bolt and exposed parts with a gun oil rag and leave the bore alone. Always worked for me. Good luck!
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I use them all the time. My best .308 win load is 1/4MOA and uses a mag primer. Just work the load up properly and youre golden.
i load for a rem 700 and a savage 110 in 3006 I use win LRP's.. never used (needed)a mag in one... good luck/. start low
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