Magnum Research... good and bad

Discussion in 'Feedback Forum' started by warpig, Mar 8, 2003.

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    My Magnum Research Baby Eagle .45's firing pin broke while at the range about 3 months ago, and at their request, the broken pin was sent back to them. After not hearing from them for 2 months, they stated that they needed the entire weapon returned to them. 3 weeks later I received my pistol back, yet it failed to fire 30% of the time, and when it did fire, it was 3+ inches left @ 25yds.
    I spoke with Joel in their customer service department, and not only did they give me a FedEx acct # to use to send it back, but he also called me the next day to let me know that they had received it.
    2 weeks later I am holding a brand new Baby Eagle in my hands. Guess they decided it was easier to send me a new one than to fix the old one.
    Would I buy from them again? Yes, however in case of a problem, I'd make sure to keep on top of them to make sure that they don't forget about me. I guess that goes with any manufacturer though.
    Just wanted to share my experience with them, your mileage may vary.

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    Re: Magnum Research... good and bad
    Sounds like they made good in the end. the two months would make me mad but the new gun would make up for it.

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    The 2 months made me mad as hell, especially after contacting them, and being told "oh, you need to send the entire gun back to us to be fitted to the firing pin". My dealer raised hell and got me a free mag. In the end they pulled through, so I am happy.
    In the 2 months it was out of commission, I picked up a Kimber Custom CDP..... now I don't even want the Baby Eagle! Never shoulda spoiled myself with the Kimber!


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    I was very unimpressed with them regarding problems with my BFR. I misfires on factory and handloads. I've tried different powders and primers on the handloads. Two of them have partially ignited the powder and lodged the bullet in the forcing cone. The root cause is the firing pin not protruding enough to always set off the primer. In all cases, the primers were struck, but with insufficient depth/force to ignite. I sent it back once, they replaced the firing pin, and same result even on factory loads. I'll find a gunsmith locally to correct the problem. My recommendation is to find a better gun elsewhere.

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    Hello erh20, and welcome to The Firearms Forum.

    Stick around a get to know us... I'm sure we all have interesting stories to tell.

    And some NON-TRUTH stories too

    "Tell the gossipers and liars I will see them in the fire" - Johnny Cash, Let the train whistle blow
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