Magtech 7022 .22lr?

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    Hi everyone,do any of you own a magtech 7022 or have shot one?how accurate is it?whats it's reliabilty like?whats it's favorute ammo?heres a website so you can take a look

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    i was told by a range owner not to get a magtech, he has 2 of them as rentals and they suck he says. he said the best gun for the money is the savage 64 clip fed, very accurate and reliable. i am taking his word and getting the 64f synthetic stocked one. if you like wood stocks get the 64g they go for about 120.00 to 130.00 in the N.W., i hear they are as cheap as 100.00 down south. the savage is a nice looking gun also, along the lines of the magtech in style.
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    I have a 7022, It can drive a tack and can fire fast, although it misfires once every 100 or so shots and if you dont cock it fast enough it does jam. sometimes it double feeds and you have to take the clip out and the extra bullit then fire then reload. When the clip runs out the bolt will only close half way you have to pull the bolt back and push it in remove the clip then close the bolt.
    The gun is a rip-off of the ruger 1022 and has the bolt of a Winchester. It has a walnut stock and 18" barrel with 8 riflings. its clips are flat so you can carry loads of them in your pocket. about 20,000 of them have a recall with a cheap and easy fix you will find that @,%2022%20LONG%20RIFLE%20CALIBER,%20SEMIAUTOMATIC%20RIFLES

    The gun is good for hunting small game. I found mine brand new at a gun show for $120 :D